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employee assistance programmeEmployee Assistance & Engagement Programmes – help your employees create comfort zone at work


It is common knowledge that level of employee engagement influences the speed of decision making in the organisations.

We offer support in designing employee engagement programmes that fits your definition of engagement and goes far behind the financial motivation.

Our experiences include:

[icon type=”fa-star” size=”14px” color=”black”][/icon] ASSESSING and DEFINING: workshops to define engagement in the context of particular company’s situation and tool planning (e.g. creation of network of intranet editors)

[icon type=”fa-star” size=”14px” color=”black”][/icon] APPLYING solutions and filling the frameworks with the engaging content (e.g. content management based on key messaging system for internal media)

[icon type=”fa-star” size=”14px” color=”black”][/icon] MEASURING with innovative solutions (e.g. content analysis based indicators)

Currently, in the centre of our attention are communities of practice for „corporate parents” to support the adaptation process for partners of expats after relocation to the new country.


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