COMM.on Communication Boutique | How we work?


We offer support in designing and shaping corporate communication and creative and effective employee engagement programmes.

Thanks to:

[icon type=”fa-star” size=”14px” color=”black”][/icon]external point of view, we can take a clear view on the organization

[icon type=”fa-star” size=”14px” color=”black”][/icon]multidimensional and diverse backgrounds and level of organizational experience, we assess the standing point dynamically

[icon type=”fa-star” size=”14px” color=”black”][/icon]combined (academic and business) attitude towards research, we have a chance to take a closer look on your company’s complexity.


We can play a role of external consultants and hand you in the PowerPoint with recommendations at the end of the project.

We can support you in in-house implementation or we can recruit and train the person who will join your team for longer…

Like a good barista we can switch from one coffee recipe to another… it depends on the business need and taste of the moment.