Monika Sońta is balancing between the world of academia and business. She is a Ph.D. student and lecturer (courses in HRM and Corporate Communication) at Kozminski University in Warsaw Poland, currently working on dissertation in field of Corporate Communication.

After eight years of working for multinational companies (Carlsberg Group and PepsiCo), from 2014 she consulted on a variety of projects in Corporate Communication and HR and worked in field of Know How Management and Recruitment at House of Skills, training and development company.

She is an entrepreneur, the founder of COMM.on communication boutique that specializes in training and consulting in Organizational Capability Management, particularly: Internal Communication, Employee Experience and Engagement and Employer Branding.

Monika is a certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and certified SCRUM Master. She cooperates with startups, for example and mentors startups (for example projektyp studio).

The way of working:

Monika is a facilitator. During her workshops Monika uses agile methods,  Design Thinking techniques, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and recently, TALKCRAFT cards

Below you can find a melting pot of thoughts about the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, so in other words:

Everything about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® you wanted to know but were afraid to ask…or somebody else who was not so afraid 🙂 asked me during the conferences and LSP corporate demos.


The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method is a facilitated meeting, communication and problem-solving process in which you will explore the relationships and connections between people and their world, observe the dynamics both internal and external, explore various hypothetical scenarios, and gain awareness of the possibilities.

During the facilitated meeting, you will be building landscape models with LEGO® elements, giving them meaning through story-making, and playing out various possible scenarios


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Workshops for your company

I am interested in having LSP workshop for my company or team

Instead of presenting ‘the offer’ I will tell about formulas of facilitated meetings that work really well in Poland (based my own experience):


1. Let’s have fun! (2-4 hours)

Sometimes you feel that you need 2-4 hours meeting to integrate, talk… simply be together and LSP offers bringing this playful atmosphere to your company.

Fair enough!

I can send you a standard offer for:

  • Creative confidence workshop (yes, ducks are everywhere)
  • Brickstorming (brainstorming with bricks)
  • Feedback sessions and communication workshop

This is highly probable that the meeting will be playful thanks to:

  • Hands on approach
  • Making learning social activity
  • Enabling conversations and… emotions
2. Let’s discuss it! (4-8 hours)

In 4-8 hours depending on the objectives we could talk about your business problems and build the 3D model of the ecosystem.

Unlocking knowledge takes some time. The reflection can be organized around:

  • Working out guiding principles for teams
  • Teamwork and Team Life
  • Real time strategizing
3. It’s getting serious (1-2 days)

In two days of training we are able to discuss solutions to complex business problems, often referring to the business data provided before the workshop.

We build the ecosystem of their business, reflect on the potential scenarios of reactions, see the consequences and visualize the connections between the elements.

4. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as a research method (qualitative research)

Recently, I experienced the power of LSP as a method used during focus groups.

It’s getting more and more popular in the UX and EX (User Experience and Employee Experience) mapping projects.

Research report based on content analysis is delivered together with the photos of the models.

5. Long term development programs

If there is a space to talk about long-term cooperation, the conversation is getting more reflexive and precise.

I believe that ‘one size fits all’ attitude puts LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® at risk when it comes to perception of effectiveness.

My specializations are:

  • Internal Communication
  • Employee Engagement

See the presentation of ‚Work in Progress’ designed in cooperation with Anna Karecka during the Vital Voices Open Mentoring Program 2018 (

See introduction to ‚Work in Progress’

  • Employment Branding
  • Organization Culture
  • Quality of Working Life

My recent experience:

  • FutureOfWork
  • Mentoring
  • Social Innovation 
  • Cooperation with startups (I am a Country Manager of Andiamo:

I would be happy to design scenarios of cooperation in those field, but it if it is not what is needed…

Certified facilitators cooperate with each other, so without any hesitation I can recommend you working with:

Magdalena Dobrowolska-Sagan from when it comes to Service Design and Design Thinking and

Alexandra Mandoki from Sparks Guide

6. Large-scale events

Sales Conference for 1000 people? Yes, we can facilitate that! But… be prepared for a long talk about the expected experience and discussion about the number of facilitators involved or designing a mechanism to invite your employees to co-design the meeting as table facilitators.

7. International Corporate Programs

Certification process keeps the standards of training experience quality on radar and thanks to community we could find the local facilitators in the countries the training is going to be delivered. So, you introduce the method, invite new energy to your training process and don’t need to cover travel expenses of the facilitators as we’ll help you to set team in place combining local and global recourses.

8. Demo workshops

If you organize an event such as Corporate Roundtable, we can think how to have one hour demonstration. This is what we did at the Heart in Warsaw.

Corporate Roundtable about Platform Economy


To make your first introduction with LSP valuable, we can organize demo workshop at your company in a form of two hours meeting. Before, be prepared for a conversation about the context of such a workshop and the company needs.

It is not a generic selling demo, we start talking about your company’s hot issues from the very first workshop.

Such a demo is usually paid to cover the cost of bricks, and after this short experience we agree on the offer depending on your needs and expectations and potential next steps of cooperation.

To sum up, LSP is a method that frames the conversations around themes that are on the top on business agenda. If a meeting is facilitated well, you gain a new method of expression and sharing ideas in your company.

Just remind yourself the last 80/20 type of meetings (20% of people are talking and dominating conversations and 80% just sit and listen) and call me to discuss how we can experiment with more engaging formulas of the meeting.

Instead of traditional talks and slides, you can easily pick a brick.

Start playing by contacting me:

tel. 504 798 339

Certification training with Per Kristiansen

 I am interested in becoming a certified facilitator with the co-author of the method

How can you get certified?

Training Schedule

Join us in Warsaw:

Is that for me?


  • Yes, if you’re searching for a new method of expression and sharing ideas in your company.
  • If you are tired with 80/20 type of meetings (20% of people are talking and dominating conversations and 80% just sit and listen).
  • Instead of traditional slides, you can easily pick a brick.


  • Yes, if your style of conversation with people is directed into empowerment, playing well and staying positive. I love delivering trainings in companies in which openness and good intensions are flying between the walls. Real time strategizing needs a certain space of spontaneity 🙂
  • Yes, if you know the group is less than 14 people.
  • Yes, when you are a people person who uses each opportunity to talk to people and you are bold enough to bring bricks to the serious business 🙂


  • No, if you are not experienced in working with people and you’re searching for brilliant colorful ideas that sell your services.

LSP is a method without a content. To make the magic happen and generate valuable insights about the business you need to create the atmosphere of:

  • Presence and mindfulness
  • Connecting ideas with the business needs
  • Ensuring emotional safety among participants – ‘Everybody builds, everybody shares’ principle is contracted during the workshop and you as a facilitator are responsible for framing the way of conversation.

Experience of being a manager or trainer and acknowledging group process and understanding of mechanism of reactions is crucial and they don’t come attached to your LSP facilitator set 🙂


  • No, when your corporate style is command & control… well… four hours with colorful bricks in employees’ hands won’t help a lot and you’re risking feedback of ‘childish’ instead of ‘playful’ climate of workplace.


  • No, working with larger group may be difficult when it comes to amount of bricks you receive in your facilitator set and general human attitude to facilitate so many conversations.

Of course, finding a co-facilitator is not a problem and facilitating seminars for 40 people is also a part of my favorite games… but this is a different learning experience.


  • No, if your style of working is based on ‘hiding’ behind data, model, slides or well-structured process.

Why is it worth to get certified?

#PlayItRight   #Community

Apart from an engaging method of communication you will join Facilitators Community with invitation to take part in annual conference (usually in Billund) and share your experience with other facilitators.

This is a community that shares knowledge

If you feel you need a supervision, you can easily contact people in the network.

Btw. being a copycat is an easy option. Bricks are available at LEGO® store but… can you use them right?

Why is it worth to get certified with Per?

There are two co-authors of the method and the book: Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen. I truly appreciate the knowledge of other Master Facilitators and I would be a great honor to work with them on the projects.


The profile of my and Magda Dobrowolska-Sagan’s consulting experience and business projects is closer to Per’s experience and that is why we asked Per to come to Warsaw in October.

And he agreed!


If you are interested in internal certification training, please, contact me and we will find a Master Trainer whose energy fits your company culture.

I am an Internal Trainer. How can I use LSP?

Sure, I can talk about various cases that people first experienced the method as participants, then started co-facilitating sessions in a role of co-facilitator and finally, decided to get certified.

My best experience is when people from HR departments are co-facilitating sessions and the preparation training to this role helps me understanding the business needs and expectations better.When LSP starts being associated with the employees (instead of an external training company), you have a chance to bring a new language of leadership to your company and embed the LSP frameworks into the models, solutions and tools you already use.

The moments that people start referring to Extended DISC, SDI or Insight Discovery results bring a smile to facilitator’s face 🙂

Is it allowed to mix LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®? with other methods?

It depends 🙂 I combine SCRUM techniques, academic models, Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking…

Before we start discussing the tools and size of bricks :), please, explain me why / what for you need other tools?