Just start with „Ok Google”

„Play some music”
„How far away is the moon?”
„What’s the eather tomorrow in Boston?”

Przykładowe komunikaty:
Use these anytime:
„Turn it up”
„Volume level 6”
„Repeat that”
„What can you do?”

Plan your day
„When’s my first event tomorrow?”
„Wake me up at 6 am tomorrow?
„Tell me about my day”
„How long will it take to get to work?”

Stay up to date
„What’s the weather today?”
„What’s the latest news from NPR?”
„Who won the Washington Wizzard game?”
„How is the S&P 500 doing?”

Ask Google
„How many calories in an apple?”
„How do I say hello in Spanish?”
„What’s 25 times 83?”
„How many spiecies of tiger are there?”

Local businesses
„What is the nearest pharmacy?”
„When do they close?”
„What is their phone number?”

Music, radio and podcasts
„Play some music”
„Play music by Sia”
„Play dance music on YouTube”
„Play KEXP radio on TuneIn”
„Next song”

For the kitchen
„Set a timer for 15 minutes”
„How many teaspoons in a cup?”
„Add butter to my shopping list”

For fun
„Tell me a fun fact”
„I’m bored”
„What sound does a cow make”


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